Inspiration will get you off the couch, Drive, Will-Power and Passion will keep you off!

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Easier then I Thought

As I try to be more active on here, I seem to find time every so quickly speeding by. It’s already been over two weeks since my last blog, I seemed to have hit a lull in what to write and where to take this.…

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It’s Been A While

I look back and notice it’s been almost a month since a post, so for those of you that follow along and enjoy what I have to say(if there is anyone) lol, I apologize. I could lie and say I’ve been busy, and I have…

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The Water

As I sit here and ponder over what I want this post to be about I have just returned from another trip up north, this time to the Killarney region, if your unfamiliar with, google it, it’s worth the trip there. From the shear power…

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GA68 Scan

So, getting back to my original story I had been through a lot of scans and tests and although they gave my doctors a good idea of where my cancer had spread to there was one last scan that could possibly give the clearest picture…

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I’m Still Here

It’s Saturday morning as I sit here and right this latest post, I thought it had been a bit since I wrote a blog, but was a little shocked to see the last one was exactly three weeks ago on August 1st. It just reminds…

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Temagami Pictures

This will just be a quick little word here today, as writing is coming a little tougher the last week and life’s been busy. During my latest trek up north I started taking pictures with a real camera, canon sl2, just a starter type, but…

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