Getting the Ball Rolling

Before starting here be sure to go back to read ” What’s Up with this Stomach Pain”.

After in the initial phone call with my surgeon 2 weeks later I was sitting in her office for a kind of meet and greet and went over what the ER doctor had found and told me her concerns about this mass and lab work. She gave me a run down on what it could be, abnormal growth was my best case scenario. This was the first time I heard of the term “Carcinoid” and that after talking with a group of other surgeons my lab work had pointed them in that direction. I felt very comfortable with my surgeon after that first visit and was then scheduled to go for my first procedure to see if they could get a better idea of what was going on, it would be the fairly common colonoscopy and endoscopy.

Now I’m going to pause and take a step back about 10 years ago, if you’ve been following along you’ll know what I mean, my very first time I went though testing. I did the above tests then, but also one called a cystoscopy. The medical explanation for this is, a hollow tube with a camera in it used to examine the urethra and bladder. Now fellas your going to cringe when I tell you it’s about an 1/8″ metal tube that is inserted in the end of your manhood, while your awake. My experience while not awful was, well very awkward . I was laying on the table in my hospital gown, when a very big, tall urologist wearing rubber boots walked in. Introduced himself, the nurse moved the gown, so I’m exposed, the doctor quick dumped on some solution and numbs my fella with cream and before I get a “how ya doing”, a camera is exploring my urethra. I watch the screen as the camera works it way up to where the doctor says; ” Ok, here’s the muscle you use to pinch it off, just relax”. “Deep breath in Steve”, I tell myself. “Good” is the reply. Now he makes it to the bladder and scans around, as weird as this sounds it’s kinda neat to be able to witness this. “This all looks good young man” is what the doctor says while the scope searches my bladder for abnormalities. I’m told to take a deep breath and he slips the camera out. Now I didn’t have to redo this examine, thank goodness, this time. I included well….because it’s part of the story and it usually gets an uncomfortable laugh from my buddies.

As I was saying the first two examinations are the common colonoscopy and endoscopy. The first scope mentioned there most people will know what end that goes in, but if your not familiar with he endoscopy it goes in the other end. Now usually the worst part of this is the prep work the day before, and it’s not much fun, but cleans you out. The tough part for me is the procedure isn’t booked until 3 pm, so no eating all day. When I got there for the procedure I was already pretty weak and dehydrated and it took the nurses to about 3 pokes at me to get an IV in. Wheeled into the room, most every time you won’t remember much. It was a little different for me, after being put out and the procedure starting I abruptly woke up, with the scope half way down my throat. “Be calm, breath normal”, is what I heard as an intense sense of panic washed over me in those few seconds, and then it’s black again. I awake again, this time in a quiet, dark recovery room. My throat is a little raw and tender otherwise I’m just foggy and hungry. The only requirement to leave is a ride and to pass gas and I have no problem with either. I get dropped off at home and tell my boys to order pizza and wings tonight, I deserve it after the two days I just had. I get my fill of the food, sit back and turn on the T.V. ,”Man”, this is just the start I say to myself quietly…..

2 thoughts on “Getting the Ball Rolling

  1. I love this one! Been through “many” cystoscopies myself and I can tell you it isn’t any better for females☺️.


    1. I’ve only had one and I hope it stays that way. Thank goodness my bladder is the least of my worries. I feel for ya. Thank you


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