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Happy long weekend, I debated to take the weekend off and just maybe post once this week. Instead I’m just going to write a quick little thank you post, my story will pick up on Thursday night’s post. I read somewhere that most blogs stop and fail before the first month they are live, so here I am at entry number 15 and a month and a half in. I think it’s my determined or stubborn nature to see things through until the end, or until I’m satisfied and completed what I set out to do. I still have a lot to tell and share with whoever chooses to listen, getting awareness out there about neuroendricrine cancer is important to me and for those I have met over the past year who suffer from this disease.

I’m glad so many of you have chosen to follow along and leave me comments, I’m truly humbled. In a month the blog has received almost 2000 views and I think 60 followers, so if your reading this feel free to subscribe and join us. To everyone who has read what I have to say, Thank You! I chose to write this blog for myself as a little bit of therapy and as I mentioned before my new found love of writing and story telling, and I’m happy to have people enjoy what I have to say. I’m also finally becoming better at typing, so everything is starting to flow a little faster.

As we get into summer I hope to break up my diagnosis story with some canoe camping trip logs, so as soon as we are allowed to do that that I look forward to posting some of those adventures. I have some cool trips planned, so let’s hope that works out. If I had more time I would write more often and update my blog site, there’s a lot of tools I don’t use yet. Working full time and staying in shape, along with everyday life of a husband and father doesn’t always leave that much time. And as I’ve said before as well ” TIME ” is what matters most.

Thanks again everyone, stay tuned as my story will pick up as I recover from surgery and learn how different my future becomes, CHEERS!

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