What If We All Worked Together?

Ok, so once again I’ll be a day late releasing this post. I’ll blame it on car-leg, if that’s such a thing and if not I just made it up. I’m back home now in my regular spot at our island in the kitchen where a usually write my blog, not nearly as inspiring as on a balcony overlooking a small lake in Florida, at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. But for today it will do. I call it car-leg basically because we drove 24 hours straight back from our Timeshare in Kissimmee Fla to Southwestern Ontario. When I arrived home early Sunday morning, I (we) were completely exhausted and it took a good couple days to kinda get back my bearings. It’s still hard for me to tell if the type of cancer I have takes more out of me now during those drives then it used to, I’m sure it does along with the fact that I’m closing in on 50 years of age. Also take medication….but for me there’s still something about a long distance drive that can bring you a sense of peace and test your determination all at that same time. During that long drive you can witness the very best in people, along with the worst, I’ve never heard so many car horns in all my life. You can see the extreme poverty as you take the detour through rough parts of Detroit, along with rundown sections of other major cites in just about every state.

Within hours for those sites are lavish, expensive home built on what can only be describe as compounds, people with so much….it makes me think, and there’s a lot of time to think on a car ride that long back to other posts I’ve wrote, and I’m veering off track here, it really has nothing to do with cancer? Or does it. Why do some people need so much? I don’t think it’s a question I’ll ever be able to answer. And I don’t know if it has a place here in my blog, but I never really gave it much thought until becoming sick myself and I guess I just notice it more now. I understand people have made poor choices and now have to live with the consequences, also without some kind of incentive (money) why would most humans want to try harder, achieve more?

beautiful scenery

Without smart, high educated and driven people, people like myself have no chance of ever living a long, healthy life. What I have to do is my best to match their determination and do my best to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible, along with educating myself, so we can all work as a team to give me the longest and healthiest life as possible. Then it’s up to me to take that gift of life and time and do something with it, help, promote, educate or whatever kind of positive act I can give back to the human race….not sure if that sounds right, but whatever.

I guess what I’m getting at is if we all worked together as a team, when you take that long road trip you wouldn’t see quite the divide that is there now. That drive has the potential to be beautiful and awe-inspiring the whole way, no matter where your trip is bringing you. I think a little more compassion can go a long way, and I am learning that as well and will continue for as long as I’m here.

Florida sunset

Boy, that’s not really what I sat down here to write tonight, lol. It just kinda came out, and fast too. I received a lot of very nice comments over the last few days and I really appreciate all of them. A lot of them talk about writing, my advise is just to go ahead and do it, keep writing, someone will eventually see what you’ve put down, and when you hear from them it’s inspiring. Like I said I’m was a 48 year old welder when I started to write in my journals and now here and I still feel like I’m rambling half the time and almost every post turns into something that wasn’t really planned. Ahhh…..the joy of blogging.

I wanted tonight’s post to be more about my start of LTD (long term Disability), because of stage IV cancer and how it feels to now know 100% that along with a palliative diagnosis, that life is never going back to what it was…..I have what I was after now “TIME” now it’s up to me to make something of it. I alway had a feeling in the back of my head that I was meant for something more……Now it’s Time……

If you are new to my blog, please go back and read older posts, it will give you a better understanding of where I’ve come from and hoping to head.

Oh ya, to my readers and friends, our vacation to Florida was great, we were even compt a free night, just by Tracy making them aware that our room was in need of some up-grades i.e. carpet. Now I now this is a first world problem, but it’s the one thing that we really pay decent money for and for one week expect a certain small luxuries and by that I mean hot water in the shower, lol. We moved to our free room and it was beautiful if only for one night and our weather was great, As I finish up here, I keep asking myself, “Why didn’t you stay longer, you have the time now?” I’ve kept on track with most of my new habits, but old ones, like that thought of always being needed at home are hard to break. I’ll get there.

Boy, not my typical blog, hope you enjoy and I’ll leave it at that, before you unfollow me. lol. Please subscribe, like, and or comment, it really does help! Cheers!

4 thoughts on “What If We All Worked Together?

  1. It’s one positive thing I’ve gotten out of my diagnosis – recognizing the importance of time, and not taking it for granted. Genuinely grateful for each day. 🙂

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    1. As we all should be, with or without cancer. Having cancer really opens your eyes


  2. Great post Steve – I really enjoy reading your real life blog.

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    1. Thanks, I really appreciate that you spend you time, which we know is precious reading then.


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