Moving, Life has come Full Circle

I start typing my latest post here from an unfamiliar spot, our new home. Now I’ve blogged from other various spots such as vacations areas, but this is different now. Another new town or community I’m not sure what to call Mitchell, however this is my real hometown and I spent the first couple years of life spending time at my Grandparents house that is now just two doors down. My Grandparents are gone now and of coarse no longer live there, it sure is strange forty years later to step out by the garage here and be able to within a stones throw of the red bricked house and besides the pool being filled in, it really doesn’t look that much different. Floods of memories thought long lost come back to mind, none more prevalent than my Grandfathers pool. It’s there I learned my love for the water and how to swim, listened to Grandpa swear at my Dad and Uncle when they splashed the water out of pool. I was very young, but still remember it as the place where friends and family gathered.

Now moving can be a pain in the ass, we all know that, but it also allows you to go through all your things again and decide what’s really important. Tracy and I, with our youngest boy have moved now to a smaller place, so once again a chance to purge and prepare for a simpler life. Now we aren’t quite ready for a van life full-time yet, but a place like this will make it much easier to give it test runs and work out the kinks before it’s time to dive right in. We’ve still been able to fill this place pretty good and it’s nice a cozy, but thank goodness for the garage here and as time moves on they’ll be less and less stuff…..just not camping gear. I’m going to give my wife a shout out here and say what a great job she has done at letting go of some of her shoes, bags and clothes, it has not been easy on her, but I know it helps with the goal we have in mind. If you’re in the Value Village in Stratford over the next while you may notice some of our (her) things out for sale. We tried selling online, but that’s….well to be nice….painful to do, as anyone who’s sold stuff on Facebook Marketplace can attest too.

Being back in town here from where I look, so far, not a whole lot has seemed to change, I guess in comparison to watching other cities change right in front of me while I live there. Small town will take some getting used to. Everything closes earlier, not as much selection, but with that comes a certain charm. I went out for a run two nights ago, so it was a Sunday, it was kind of late, say 9 p.m. and it’s January so also cold. I decided not to wear my headphones, so I could listen to my new home and you know what I heard? That’s right…..nothing….didn’t see one person, I even ran through downtown and one lone car drove by me, that’s it. After dodging traffic just a little over a year ago in Brantford….maybe 100,000 people in this town of, I’m not even sure maybe 5,000 taking a run seems much different and the quiet may take some getting used too….weird….peace and quiet really shouldn’t make me feel that way, or really anyone. Isn’t that what we all want? It should feel normal to have peace and quiet, but I guess in today’s world that’s one thing stripped from us, unless we go looking for it. I thinking that is the allure of heading onto a lake or river and heading deep in the bush….the solitude…the peace and quiet, something humans have lost over time.

Well I’ve lost my train of thought here now, the type of brain fog cancer can have on me is just out of the blue…thoughts aren’t there, and even if there are the words don’t come as intended. Time for a jog, it’s almost 9 p.m. again on Tuesday…..running clears the fog, helps to focus….kinda rights the ship, I’ll be back to finish this off.

Most people tell me I’m a little crazy going for a jog, hike….etc when it’s snowing and -5 to -10 outside I don’t know what I call it…extreme therapy ? It’s tough going out there, legs get cold and it feels like I’m trying to move two pieces of lead, feet slip and slide and get buried in snow drifts. But I’ll tell ya it clears the cobwebs and brings in that sense of determination to finish what I have started, whether it’d be to push further on during that run, finish up this post or most important of all continue with the relentless physical and mental fight with a rare disease….and after a hot shower, sleep comes pretty easy. When I sit here a write it’s always hard too believe that it’s almost two years since surgery..blows my mind, but today I feel good, one day at a time Steve.

Moving has thrown a wrench into the habits I was slowly starting to get into place, just to help me keep motivated during the day and night. It’s so easy to get complacent and fall into that easy trap of waking up late, eating crappy food and watch television, especially during these cold dark months. I have found my journal now, got back into my book and will now continue to be active here, as I strive to make this a successful blog site, that draws people in. I still have lots of work to do on the website itself and most times feel at a loss of how to make in more, say professional looking, I would like to raise as much awareness as possible and will continue to do so and this is a great platform to get the word out.

Once again I need to thank you, the reader as my last post had 150 visitors in one day, the most I’ve had since the launch, incredible! Now the one thing I’ll ask from you is I want to know if there’s something more you’d like to learn about my disease of the way I go about treating it or any other questions you may have. I’ve had a lot of great messages throughout my time writing this, but I want to still give you more and be very interactive with those of you who read this and follow me. If you haven’t followed me yet, please go ahead and do so, it helps drive more people to find this site, my goal here is to do what I love, write, but if I could give back to the community that helps support others like me searching for answers….CNETS, that would be amazing.

Thanks for reading again, Love to all, Cheers! Steve

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