We Reached A Milestone and Heading For More.

I’ve had a lot of my readers tell me my posts are inspirational and motivating and that is as great of compliment I could ask for. Writing these when I’m inspired to do so is also easier to do, but as I mentioned in the last post you still have to put the work in when the motivation isn’t there. It’s not because I don’t write or say go run or exercise, just some days this disease and for lack of a better phrasing, just kicks me in the ass. It comes out of nowhere and causes stomach issues, fogginess and worst of all for me, fatigue and today is one of those days. For me though, I’m not going to use it as an excuse not to move forward, if I can’t physically be at my best then I’ll sit here and blog. See I believe drive and will-power can overcome when we aren’t inspired, I feel like shit…therefore I’m just going to lay here and watch TV, easy. WhileI’m not going to lie and say I didn’t take a rest today, the drive in me still wants to get something productive and positive done today, so here it is writing while my body just wants to shut down and recharge, no amount of coffee seems to help on days like this and coffee can lead to frequent bathroom visits when Neuroendrocrine Cancer acts up, so it’s a fine balancing act. One I refuse to give into, but have started to learn to live with.

This post was once again supposed to be about something else (mindset) and my belief on how it works, but today I’ll settle for something lighter and just being honest about tough days. Even this guy can’t run 10+ KM a day, everyday, even though I want to, just doing the dishes winded me a bit tonight and this is what I’ve learned to come to live with, a very unpredictable disease. Frustrating is the most common word I use to describe it.

We Have Reached a New Goal

I have plenty of content to draw on for this post, like seeing my physiatrist or the looming lab work and scans coming at the end of the month, but instead like I said a little lighter today. Over the past week I’m not sure what happened, but this blog had a surge of traffic and was notified today that we have over 10 thousand views all time now, pretty awesome and stats were up around 300% not bad I think considering I don’t pay for add ons or extras like that, just shares on social media, so to you my readers I sincerely thank you.

It’s a labour of love that keeps me coming back to my site and creating something interesting for you to read. It’s not a blog about selling stuff or writing some kind of fluff to see stats grow. Now I like to see my viewership grow, but I feel my type of blog is genuine and from the heart, only asking you to take stock of your life and trying to live as best as you can. I said something to my physiatrist on Monday and he liked it as well.

When my Time is done I want to leave all my cards on the Table, none left in my Hand.

May have been said before, but for this post I’ll take credit for it!

Above I have included my short documentary, if you haven’t please take the 3 mins and 30 seconds to watch it, or feel free to watch again. My goal is it try and get 10k views on it and help to spread more awareness, also to get more social interaction. A month ago I had my first public speaking engagement and after the initial jitters I really enjoyed it and kinda naturally started to flow as the talk went along. So new goals in the new year, build more readers on my sites here and that way I hope it can get me into more public talks, or online (podcasts would be cool as well) Hmmm..maybe I could start my own, something else to research? I figure as the year winds down I will start to include some of my favourite pictures from the past year and try to capture the year with those pictures.

If you like what your reading please consider subscribing, give it a like and I love all the comments on Facebook and other social outlets, but if you leave a comment at the bottom of the post it helps drive numbers. Maybe reaching someone you know who could use some help and relate to this illness. One last thing is you can also rate the post out of 5 stars at the top of each post, consider doing that and be honest. I can only give you better content from honest feedback, We’ve already had a great December, lets keep it going and help me carry this momentum into the new year, when I plan on upping this to a premium plan and try to spread this wider and further. All the best to everyone, much Love.




2 thoughts on “We Reached A Milestone and Heading For More.

  1. I love your honestly. Tough days are frustrating, but they are good reminders not to take the good days for granted. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Vanessa hope all is well with you and your ready for the holiday season.❤️


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