Taking on a New Role and Another way to Share.

Hello everyone, so here we are again after two weeks, Mr. Inconsistent back in the house. In January I find it typically hard to come up with topics of discussion that would be meaningful. We all set our New Year goals and except for the fact that I wanted to post weekly I’ve done a pretty good job at keeping up with the rest. Meaning, I’ve done a lot of reading, tried to limit screen time, but hey when you find a good program nowadays it’s hard not to bing. I’ve managed to keep up with my jogging routine, even now as the weather turns cold and some days pretty sloppy and wet. Body weight exercises have continued and I can start to feel and see the results, showing that going to the gym, which may be intimating for some can be avoided with just a small area right in your own home. Oh, and going through and repairing, cleaning and checking over some of my outdoor gear as spring quickly approaches and I get ready for this years adventures, which I hope to bring you along on.

Another way of sharing my Story

As some of you have may already read, I was featured in an article you’ll find it here. It was written by a talented young journalist, Connor who did a great job summing up what turned into a two hour conversation. You can see more of his stories clicking here. Like I’ve said before in posts before the art of conversation has kind of been lost over the years, so I don’t know if he realized what he was in for as I do like to talk and not just about myself, lol. Although he wanted to interview me, I also enjoy learning about people and where they came from, maybe why he chose this what I would call difficult profession and hopes for the future. He was smart enough to bring a recorder, I was not… I do remember a great conversation, even given the age difference we had plenty of similarities. He told me about a canoe trip we hoped to have with his Father down the French river, which of coarse brought a smile to my face. He said he remembered from a previous trip being more interested in taking pictures and capturing the moment, which I completely respect and his Dad telling him to get the paddle in the water, which I also get. Being I’m always in the stern of my canoe and I don’t mind the odd break from my partner in the front, but there better be some work being done from up at the bow, Tracy can attest to that. I gave him a little advice, even if your tired, cheat a bit just dip your paddle in even if there’s no power there, to the person in the stern it gives the illusion that the work is getting done…pro tip, lol. The story he published is very well done and has been shared quite a few times and also given me a good bump in subscribers, which is hard to do with a blog like mine that grows organically from people who just like the story. Not by boosting or using other for profit tools to grow the site. I believe people, especially right now just want to read a honest story, with hope, integrity and honesty, which these days unfortunately are hard to come by. And by working together I think we accomplished that, thanks Connor.

28 Days Again, how so soon?

Since the last post I’ve had my treatment again, this time I had a different nurses who did the shots a little differently, kinda one right after the other. Most prep one shot deliver the needle, then prep number two and fire away again. Now I’m not sure if that totally made the difference in the fact I wasn’t as sore, or that I shovelled snow for three days straight, which kept the muscles working?? Either way this time the pain was very minimal, besides the nap the day after, which is normal. That was the best set of injections I’ve had. The one thing that does irk me the most about treatment and I don’t mean to sound petty or cheap here. It’s not the hour long drive, the soreness and fatigue (most times), the stress of having to get cancer related medicine. It’s that arm in the parking lot that won’t let me leave until I scan my credit card to pay the $2 fee to park there. Now two bucks isn’t going to break the bank, but on the other hand really??? You get two dollars out of everyone who stops here to get some kind of treatment, I find it more of an inconvenience grabbing my card from my back pocket usually bumping the spot that I just got poked, very annoying is all….rant done, Like I said I hope that doesn’t come off as a petty compliant.

My New Role

When it comes to the support group I belong to, which is CNETS , the Hamilton / Halton area, I know I live in Mitchell now, but this is the group I started with so I will continue to be a part of. My roll has now changed as I was asked to take on the part of Co-Leader, along with my friend and I would say mentor just based on the shear amount of knowledge I and many have gained from her. So, when Vanessa asked me to help her out the answer was a no-brainer, of coarse. Now for support I may have a pretty good understanding when it comes to talking to people and sharing my story and the mental and emotional side of Nueroendrocrine Cancer, but I have a lot to learn when it comes to the treatment side of it and the actual nuts and blots of the disease. So I have started reading some medical papers and even our website just to try to get up to speed, so when I’m asked certain questions I can help point someone in the right direction and understand where each patient or care-giver is at certain points during the progression of this disease, which is a tricky because although many of us are similar. It seems most peoples stories always have a different direction, which is often why it’s a tricky disease to treat, let alone give the right advice on. But there is professionals for that and new types of treatments coming along all the time. I look forward to my new role and want to let them know there is hope, living with Cancer, even at stage IV is possible. It starts with support and then hopefully inspires others.

I have a few other projects on the go, but will save those for another day on the fear of getting too long winded and the fact snow is falling here again, I think I may actually wear out my shovel this year. I have also been in contact with a Cancer resource centre closer to home in Stratford (Wellspring) and tried a new therapy, once again a story for new post. Along with maybe some more public talks, we’ve got some cool projects as we head into 2023. Oh…and this month blew all others out of the water when it came to visitors and views. I owe that to all of you for taking the time to sit and read. Lots to work on, now do I grab my running shoes or snow shovel??? Like, Comment and subscribe, it’s a little confusing, go to the introduction tab in the main menu at the bottom of page is where you’ll find it. I’m working to fix that, I’m still not that computer savvy.

Cheers, Steve


6 thoughts on “Taking on a New Role and Another way to Share.

  1. I have a couple of questions about your injections. Is it Sandostatin that you’re on? If so, since you get two needles, I’m assuming that your dose is over 30 mg. So far, I’ve only been on 30 mg which can be given with one poke, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to require an increase in dose soon. So, when you get the two needles, do they do one on each side or both on the same?

    And, as far as the parking fee, it’s not a petty complaint. I’m fortunate that I don’t have to pay for parking when I go to my family doctor who gives me my monthly poke, but when we go to the city for other appointments, scans, etc the parking fee is very high. Definitely an expense and a frustration that cancer patients don’t need!

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    1. Yup I get Sando and my dosage is 60mg, so it’s one injection on each side. I try to keep moving the day of and after, that seems to help with the pain and soreness that comes with it.
      I agree all these small petty parking fees and with the price of fuel, it’s an hour each way for me to get to the clinic certainly add up over time.
      Thanks for always commenting, I do try to get back in a timely fashion.

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  2. Great post! Here’s to all future injections being as good as your last one.
    And thank you again for taking on the role as co-leader for the CNETS Hamilton/Halton & surrounding areas support group. We are lucky to have you.

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    1. Thanks! We are lucky you are there to support us all and for me to learn from! Hope you’re well today…


  3. Your pure tenacity is invigorating and your immensely bright smile is captivating, but what’s the biggest and most apparent trait of yours is your uncanny ability of pushing on. Thank you for giving the rest of us courage without even trying.

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    1. Thank you for the very thoughtful comment, This is what I hope everyone gets from reading my post. All the best

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