The Hard Road Travelled

When this time of year comes, the sun stays with us longer, the days warm and I start to go…well a bit stir crazy I come back to the laptop to look at pictures and videos for years past. I pull out old maps and my journals for past trips to read up and remember what I’ve learned in the years past. This years trips will be on a different level as we go further into remote parks, where few paddlers go. Also to push my trips to longer amounts of days spent exploring, along with much more kilometres to travel.

Galipo Falls
Portaging beside the falls

I figured in this post to keep my thoughts short and use it as a gallery to show all my readers the places I find inspiration and peace. There isn’t much to say about the videos, except I hope to put them all together again in a documentary type style and re-launch my You Tube channel. For those who can’t travel like this get a chance to see it through my eyes, but also, hopefully encourage more people to get out and give it a try. The sheer beauty is worth it. None of these clips have been edited, so feel free fast forward if you do so choose to.

Morning Views
Time lapsed sunset

Now I have a lot and I mean a lot of pictures and videos to go through, I decided to upgrade my site in order to bring some of these videos to you. I talk a lot about different type therapies to help heal and de-stress. While some of the places I go and aspire to go do make me a little anxious, I know I’m going to struggle, maybe even get lost (for a bit), but when you get a glimpse for the places I go you’ll understand why it’s always worth it. Cast all fears aside, I’m going somewhere few people dare venture and at the end of the day around a warm campfire I’ll reflect and know that this is where I truly belong.

Spring rapids.

Now all these were taken in Algonquin Park during an early spring trip, in which not one brook trout was caught. This year another early trip is planned and I’m not leaving the park until there’s a picture or video of me with a beautiful brook trout and I smile upon my face.

With the upgrade to my site, you may see some changes occur to improve this site in hopes to draw more people and invite them along to watch and read my journey. Cancer sometimes dictates how my day goes, but it sure won’t tell me how to run my life. Give me your thoughts on the videos and if you like them and want more included along the way. I think along with my writing it really can give a clear vision of my life and hope you to inspire you to do what you love. With a camera, pad and pencil in hand a story can come to life. I hope you enjoy what’s to come.

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2 thoughts on “The Hard Road Travelled

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  2. I love going to new places and seeing new things. This year I am visiting some new places and I am going to explore for a long time. I am inspired by the beauty of the earth and the people who live on it. I am looking forward to visiting more places and seeing more beautiful things.

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