How things Go

I was planning on continuing my story of diagnosis this post, but instead I decided to pivot, everyone’s new favourite term coming out of this pandemic, and just write about the way things are right now. Like I’ve said before every three months I’m routinely checked up on and with that comes stress and anxiety and on top off that I received my second dose of the covid vaccine this past week, let’s start with that. I got the Pfizer vaccine and I’m about 23 days out from my first shot. I read that some people got pretty sick from the second shot and although I wasn’t deathly ill or anything I was pretty worn out and felt beat up for a couple days after. Even as I type on day three out from the shot I needed a nap this afternoon, but all the body pain has seemed to go away and I’m getting back to myself, boy it was tougher then I thought it would be. I consider the treatment I get now and this wore me down more then the cancer treatment I get right now. Anyways it’s all done now and I consider it a small price to pay in order for us all to get our lives back on track. Tracy and I desperately need a vacation and some time away and can’t wait for the border to open up again so we can get down to our timeshare in Florida, to relax and hit up Universal Studios for some fun and good times. It’s our favourite park and haven’t been for a few years now. I honestly can’t wait to take this blog or if it turns into a vlog on the road to show that life can be lived and lived well even while dealing with cancer, but more of that in the future. So, I know it’s a personal choice and I’ll never judge one way or the other, but my thought’s and opinion are to go get the jab.

Also right now here in the middle of June, my birthday month by the way, I’m in the middle of all my check ups, like I was saying. I’ve already had my blood drawn and today I’m in the middle of my 24 hour urine collect, so that means I’ve had to avoid certain foods high in serotonin for the last three days, which include coffee and tea so that could also be another reason for the ultra tired spells I’ve had over the last three days. In a couple days I report to the hospital for my regular 3 month CT scan as well. The scan gives my oncologist a clear picture of the cancer and she can determine, along with lab work if my tumors are functioning and spreading or are non-functioning and stable. I’m sure you can guess the results I’m looking for are. So, the three month check ups have been the normal routine for me since my cancer diagnosis, now although I’m very fortunate to get the attention, I can’t wait to be deemed stable enough to get moved to a six month routine for scans at least. Every three months I’m reminded that I really am sick, even though I don’t always feel or look sick. I still work a full time job and carry on much like before all this, except for diet and I don’t really drink that much anymore.

I meet with my oncologist on the 21st of June to go over the results, I try to focus on anything but that date in order to keep the stress out and not becoming pre-occupied with what she has to tell me, believe me this is very hard to do. Running, writing and reading have become an important part of my life in order to keep these anxious feeling at bay and more often then not I’m able to keep them at bay and hold my positive outlook, but it;s not always roses, just ask Tracy, she knows. My last couple meeting with the doctor have gone well and I see no reason that this one won’t either, fear of the unknown is always there though. I hope for the best I’ve done what I can do on my end, my birthday is 2 days after my appointment, all I ask for my birthday this year is good news, I’m a pretty simple guy that’s all I want and the chance to celebrate many more with those I love in the future.

That’s it for this post, it’s tough to get the time to put everything down I want to say and keep being consistent in my blog dates, like I said between working, self wellness (which this falls under) and everyday life, now includes many hospital visits. Thanks to all who read, I really do appreciate it. Next post will pick up back in my diagnosis story. One last thing, consider getting vaccinated, we all want to move on with our lives….some may be shorter then others through no fault of our own. LOVE.

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  1. Hang in there! It will be good news. 🦓🤗

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