I’m Here to Stay, Join Me on My Journey!

I promised to be more active at posting blogs, but still want them to be entertaining and leave you with something to think about, or help you learn more about my disease, therefore creating awareness. I had planned on dropping a post more about some of the system I’m creating for myself in order to create good habits, so I don’t fall back into some old bad ones, like watching to much television or worrying and stressing about life, when some of concerns are just something I can’t control. I’ve felt good lately and I mean in mental kind of way, I think a lot of it has to do with the help I get from the CBT(cognitive behavioural therapy) coarse, but that isn’t the only reason.

Quiets the Mind

Finding a way to feel productive is still very important to me, and one of the worries I felt most since taking a step back from work and thanks to you, the reader, I’m starting to get a sense of that again.

So, instead this post will go back to what I started last post about downsizing and getting down to figuring out what is really important. I had more comments about that in my last post than I have ever received before, for that I sincerely thank you and hope that it makes everyone think of what’s really important to themselves as an individual and a family dynamic, whatever it may be. After re-reading what I had wrote, I still realize that I have work to do as well.

While brain-storming what to write here and how to explain what I mean I walked past our camping shelves, which Tracy has neatly organized for me and the answer was right there in front of me. When it comes to keeping things simple and having the time to do what I love or with the ones I love, I can use my backcountry camping as a kind of metaphor.

Ok, so bare with me here as I attempt to explain it. When I camp, and because where I go isn’t always easy access I try to travel as light as possible. I take as little gear, clothes and food that I possibly can, because I makes it less work and more enjoyable. I can fit everything I need for a week and possibly longer(as my trips next year will show) into a 75 litre backpack and a couple of dry bags, all fit neatly into a 15 foot canoe. I’m stripped down to the essentials, forced to survive and get by with only what I bring with me, there’s no Wal-Mart out there to run to. No Netflix to waste my time with(mind you when I’m home I can’t help but to watch the “Office” when I’m not feeling the best, drives Tracy nuts, lol.)

Simple and Beautiful Stress Free

When in the backcountry, with the least amount of gear I possibly need is when I’m at my happiest and most content, life is simple and although it can be hard work and harsh conditions I don’t think there’s never a smile on my face. This is how we can transfer this into everyday life, make it simple, easier, for me that brings less stress and worry, having only what’s important makes my heart full and changes me to who I want to be, A loving husband(still needs work), caring Father and a reliable, honest friend to those I choose to surround myself with.

Hard not to smile in a Place like this

It gives me time to put more thought into my post’s to help reach my readers and hope to give you something to think about when your done each of my posts. My writing style is far from perfect and so I am, but I try each day to better both and hope you do as well.

I guess at heart I’m a simple guy, so for all those years I tried so hard to achieve more, only to run into road block after road block, I should’ve just looked harder at who I truly am, and what my family really wanted me to be, myself! Now just a year or so ago, I would have stewed in angry looking back at all the time wasted, hanging on to what could have been. Cancer, for as awful as it’s been, has brought at least one positive in me out and it took a long time to realize and I still struggle somedays, trust me!

The positive is too try and only look forward, everyone had heard this, but to write it down really means something. I thought I had control of the past, had I done this or that, boy things would be different now! You know what doesn’t matter, it’s the past. Maybe it’s a little different for me as I know part of my future is not really for me to control. However what I can control is how I approach that future and the parts I can control, and if your not happy or stressed about life, maybe just look at what makes you happy. For me simple, light and love will help make TIME, the most important commodity.

I want to take this section here to thank you, my reader, a few weeks ago I kind thought about packing it in, I was feeling a little uninspired. Honestly thought no one was reading, and figured why bother? I wrote my last post “I’m Back”, after a couple weeks of just walking past the laptop and didn’t know what to write, then I forced myself there and in no time I had written something I was happy with. Now I realize that is for me and hope you continue with me along this journey. I had a lot of positive feedback, I’m in this for the long-haul. Much Love….Cheers!

5 thoughts on “I’m Here to Stay, Join Me on My Journey!

  1. As always ❤️

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  2. Steve,
    I lost my mother to stage 4 metastatic colon cancer 2 weeks ago. I didn’t always agree with choices she made over “how to live her life with cancer” the last 16 months but I wanted you to know that through your blog you have helped me to better understand her decisions…how important it is to retain as much control as possible. I am keeping you in my thoughts and please keep blogging whenever you can…your message is strong and important.

    Pam McMullin

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    1. Thanks Pam, and very sorry to hear about your Mother. I think it is that I know one day I may lose control of my passions and life, therefore while I’m able I will do what I can to try and live most days to fullest, cause some I feel like shit. I’m fairly fortunate be physically well still and will take full advantage of it. Thank you for taking the time to comment to me, that means a lot and I will not forget those who took the “TIME”. Wishing you and your family all the best.


  3. Great advice Steve don’t stop your blog you do have readers and I think it is good for you too.

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