Some More Habits To Get Back On Track!

It’s funny how I keep different journals for all aspects of my life now, except for post ideas…..and I should of coarse, ideas pop up out of nowhere and a pen a paper aren’t readily accessible and I’m still too old school to think of making a note in my phone, plus it’s a LG5 Velvet and difficult to type on. So, today I’ll backtrack a bit and talk about some of the habits I have started and failed and then re-started and also some that I think are very important for neuroendricrine cancer patients or really anyone, and again I’m no expert, just my thoughts.

Some Habits I’ll Try

  • The first one goes back to what I just mentioned, taking 5 to 10 minutes to make a journal entry, now I keep mine bedside to jot down my thoughts before it’s lights out, but sometimes find myself to tired, or honestly and this may sound strange, sometimes to nervous or fearful to write down my days actions or thoughts. I think it’s because I don’t want to have to write down, “well I accomplished nothing today, or had a shitty day (whatever that meant on that particular day). I think it’s still hard to write thoughts down when it’s just not all positive….well today was a great day…i did this and this…etc, you see my point. My brain still would rather just close my eyes and wish it all away, until a new day arrives, when really there’s no shame in writing about an unproductive day as well….the only way to truly appreciate a good day, is to have several “rough” days. Now I also keep a food, travel and medical journal and they all serve there purpose….and some days hand cramps….
  • That brings me to this habit, learning to meditate, I read a couple book now and found some helpful Youtube channels and those along with what I learned in my CBT training have helped. Now it’s just being consistent in my approach to it that matters and just like journaling all that really matters is doing it…..stop avoiding it. It’s funny how most of us know what’s good for us, but tend to avoid trying something new…that will more than likely improve our lives. It’s weird as I write this down that something so simple, can seem to produce so much resistance in my mind. It’s like my brain likes the simpleness of how everything is now, so adding something new is just way to much work. We are so wired to take the easy way….everyday.
  • This one here isn’t a habit, more of a challenge and since I’m sharing it for everyone maybe that will make it easier to stick too. Ok, so it almost 1pm on Monday afternoon, my attempt is no Television for the rest of the week…which in my mind will help the habits above just become a part life with a bit less resistance…along with other habits and just the thought of being more productive. Now, I will still use YouTube, but only for learning purposes…such as generating more traffic and for trip planning purposes…..YES, spring is slowly approaching!
  • Now with more time, exercise and diet will also become more consistent, I don’t drink enough water. More jogs and hikes are planned for this week and bumping up from 100 push ups and squats per day to 150. I also pull out my mat for some stretching and abdominal work, my doctors have said Cancer hates a strong body, so while I’m able I’ll keep working at it and honestly it does suck to start, but when you finish and see results you’ll want to keep pushing. It’s never to late. If anyone wants to contact me about exercising please message and if I don’t have the answer I have resources that I could reach out to.
  • Make reading more of a priority..I prefer non-fiction, Canadian History, adventure type reads, also friends of mine have a book club along with other bloggers who have taken the time to read mine.
  • I’ve been pretty good posting 8 times a month here, I’d like to try and bump that up to 10, but without watering down my content.
  • Now I’ve put some thought into writing a book, but my life isn’t that exciting….so I’d have to tap into a creative part of me that until now, not sure exists.
  • Of coarse trip planning and making sure I have the right equipment for where I plan on going this season is always on-going. Along with some new skills, hence knot tying, to go along with that.
  • I’ve been thinking about learning how to play an instrument, but not sure which way to go on that. My Grandma very briefly tried to show how to play the piano, but I was very young and I used to sing….but that was also a long time ago and those videos are on VHS, so that embarrassment can remain hidden. lol

Why Habits are Important

Alright, so that’s a list once again to either keep me on track or get started, if your in a rut starting to write stuff down is a great way to push yourself in a new direction, put your thought right in front of you where there’s no escape. The bottom line is to make yourself happy and my belief is throwing some good habits in your day and adding more and more, will give me (you) a sense of pride and accomplishment. I’ve had many comments and thanks for being real and candid when I write and that’s just a part of me. If you know me, you know what your getting and it shows in how I write. It’s hard to draw people to sit and read something that’s put to paper or text nowadays, it’s just so simple to sit turn on the boob tube and watch and listen to stories or shows and hey I like to do that as well. But there’s something much more intimate and real when reading someone’s story, knowing they took the time to write out and organize all their thoughts and draw you into a story, one where you can turn on your mind and imagine joining the writer along the way.

Cold jog today!

As a cancer patient with what is called a “palliative” diagnosis I hope I can show what life was like before, in the now and future aspirations. Almost 2 years in and when I look in the mirror, I do see a different guy, In some parts I’m still the “old” Steve, but in many other ways I’m not. I do more now to try and appreciate every day for what it is, even though I still get annoyed when I feel I’ve wasted a day. I’m now someone who is constantly juggling treatment, appointments and scans, until 2 years ago I could count on one hand how many time I’d had blood drawn, now it’s countless times, at least every other month. Life can tend to change dramatically, whether it’s your choice, or if life decides to change it for you. I’ll continue to try an embrace this change, although it wasn’t the path I had predicted for myself. Good Habits can make my days productive as well as fulfilling and can do the same for you. Cancer can have a way of beating you and those close to you down, don’t let that or any ailment takeaway your. Time for today’s run! Other posts similar to go back and check out….. or

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  1. Oh yep – I’m with you on trying to drink more water, its a struggle for me. Sigh.
    Great post!

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