A New Announcement and World Cancer Day Talk

Can’t believe I didn’t Talk About This Earlier

As I sit and start to type today the fridge calendar stares directly at me, written on it important times for appointments, work schedules, special events and holidays. There’s something missing from my calendar and I back check my last few blogs and yup, it’s not there. I had forgotten to mention anything about World Cancer Day which was on February 4th, so for those of us afflicted by it as well as family, friends and care givers for me at least is just a day to take notice and realize just how widespread this disease is and so many different forms and how detrimental to so many lives. The theme for this year was “Close the Gap” which basically is saying, “Every single one of us, no matter how large or small the impact has a chance to reduce the impact of Cancer globally.” That is a condensed blurb from the official website and it’s like my spidy sense were tingling last night when I took a screen shot that I was going to share today, because when I thought about todays post originally this was not going to be the topic.

I shared my latest post yesterday in a new online / Facebook groups that I normally don’t and as far as globally reaching, that’s about the most views I’ve gotten, pretty cool. Just goes to show in a small way how Cancer has an affect worldwide and people are looking for answers and for someone to relate with. It’s also a reminder of the inequality that many have when it comes to cancer treatment and the roadblocks many encounter based solely on where they live and how developed their nations are. I have received messages over the past months, many positive and thanking me for putting my story out there, but also people who at every corner run into a stop sign and never seeming to get any answers and unfortunately most of the problems stemming from the extreme cost of care….and the uneven playing field. I’m fortunate to be a Canadian and have world class care, but also to have insurance to aid in the high price treatment of Cancer. On World Cancer Day I did sit silently and reflect at first thinking of my diagnosis, then my thoughts turned to those in much worse a situation than myself, wishing I could do more. Then thought…

” One day I will do more, it’s finding my way to do that”


This all came to me because of a phone call from my oldest son on the 4th, I can’t quite remember how our conversation started, but at some point he brought up the post I had made on Facebook. I could kind of sense he wanted to say something to acknowledge the day, he just didn’t know how to go about it, so he awkwardly started with “Happy world cancer day?” I get laugh out of my boys and they’re both good young men. I told him that it’s probably not best to use the words cancer and happy in the same sentence, unless someone has beaten it. My advice was to him when he calls me next year at this time or when wanting to wish someone well who has cancer is simply to say, “Thinking of you today, hope all is well.” I think that’s a fair way to put it and is the type of text I like to receive.

On that note I believe that my sons have adjusted well to that fact their Dad has cancer, my oldest who goes to school and no longer lives at home does call me or sometimes it’s easier for him to hear how I’m doing from his Mom. The conversations with my (your) children always seem to fade as they grow more independent and start with their own lives, but I always keep them up to date with the latest results of tests and scans. Nothing is hidden from them. As for my youngest he sometimes now has the overbearingness of two parents now that he is the only one left at home. He’s a smart and sensitive young man, who can read me and knows when I’m not at my best on days when I’m not feeling well or overwhelmed, always willing to sit and engage in conversation (when he’s not gaming). Over the last year he’s had both his feet operated on, so we can relate to the health care system and how fortunate we are to be able to have the opportunity to live a better quality of live…..in two different ways, but nonetheless happy this is available to us.

New Announcement

Well I finally went ahead and started with the creation of a YouTube channel, I will link the video here. Now bear in mind that this is just my first video and unfortunately I lost a lot of footage from this trip, so the next ones I post, hopefully every week or two get better each time. The first video (as you’ll see in description) was the 100km trek I mentioned in a previous post. https://stephenmedhurst.ca/2021/09/03/the-water/ https://wordpress.com/post/stephenmedhurst.ca/622

These are some previous posts that fit in with this one a little, so check em out if you want.

My Test Video

If you’d like subscribe, like and or comment on the video or blog, I love all the feedback. Like I said this is my first attempt and just pieced this one together. For anyone who loves the outdoors just keep watching they’ll get better. I look forward to putting many more together as Spring slowly makes its way to us and we’re able to get back on the water and in the woods. Love. Cheers….Steve

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