A Different Type of Project, Video Style

As I start to write this post on a beautiful Tuesday morning I take the laptop outside to sit in the sunshine, as you know I love the outdoors. Todays post was a choice of two topics for me and I’ve decided to go with an exciting project that I was a part of two weeks ago.

Before that though, June is one of those months when the stars aline and all my tests and scans are due today I make the 50 minute drive to Kitchener to get my treatment. Yes driving that far for medicine with rising gas prices is now more then just a pain in the ass!! Get it?? Just a poor attempt at some humour. While doing that it’s also urine collection day, hurray!!! So while driving around today I get to carry my jug around with me, oh lucky day. That also means tomorrow would be lab work day so blood work and jug drop off at the Brantford hospital. Then to top it all off I also get to slide down to the D wing for some imagining in the form of a CAT scan (the usual contrast goes with it, along with the dye injection), right on! Now, all kidding aside I’m happy that we were able to in up all these appointments on the same day, so I don’t have to complain about driving again. Cancer keeps me on my toes and at times very busy. A follow up with the doctor is two weeks later on the 28th on this month, so to ease the stress of waiting for the results I’m putting together a solo getaway to the wilderness, as long as my health allows.

When I started writing here it was an outlet to relieve some stress and anxiety, along with a way that I could help spread some awareness towards this rare form of cancer, so when I was asked about being apart of a project that was doing this I jumped at the chance. After a few months of talks and figuring out the logistics on May 30 and 31st a film team and photographer (3 people) came down to our place here in Mitchell in order for me to tell my story and also how I deal living with a neuroendocrine cancer stage IV diagnosis.

It was an interesting project to be a part of and the first time I’ve been a part of a production like that, unless you count my role in my grade eight school play “The Mikado”. Asked to re-tell my story always brings up a mixture of emotions, you’d think after two years of living with this that it would get easier to tell and it does to a certain extent, but I always end up with a lump in my throat and water in my eyes when I recall that initial phone call and finding out my time could very well be cut much shorter than I had ever imagined.

Along with telling my story and how my life has changed since then, we did shots of Tracy and I cooking together, Gavin and I hanging out, going for a stroll along the riverside. We also headed out on the Thames river here in town and did some video of me canoeing and fishing….of coarse my two favourite past times, oh and going for a run at dusk, how did I almost forget that. We all had a great time and the production crew was very professional and Tracy and I even went into Stratford with the crew to share a dinner and a couple drinks at one of our favourite places, “Bentleys”.

I have too many people to thank for making me a part of this project and can’t wait to see the final cut and how it turns out. Instead of thanking everyone individually, because they’re a lot of people to thank and I know I’ll forget someone, so I will just give a big thank you to those of you who where involved in this video, you know who you are and I’m very grateful. I’m also hoping your reading this?

I’ve always been proud to help bring awareness to this rare disease that so many struggle with, in so many different ways and hope that when this video is complete it can maybe help someone get in and see a doctor before the cancer spreads to far, like it has with me and so many of those I now call friends in the CNETS community, also like family. Spreading awareness and fund raising is key in fighting this disease, so when you see us “Hoofing It” this summer be sure to make a donation, anything is appreciated.

With that I’ll wrap up this post and say thanks to everyone following along, this is now post number 70. While I don’t have the biggest fan base I have some loyal readers and can’t wait for you all to see this video, I’m excited!! Cheers and as always Love, Steve..

3 thoughts on “A Different Type of Project, Video Style

  1. What an exciting project! I do hope I get to see the finished product.

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  2. Steve what a great opportunity with this video to educate people on this type of cancer and also what it’s like to live with a cancer diagnosis. You have been so honest and true with your emotions and how you cope by being in the wilderness and embracing nature and your connection to the natural world. I know that my mental and emotional health improves when I spend time in the outdoors. It would seem that it is also a place to find solace and perspective for you as you cope with a terminal illness. I find this most interesting and wonder how we can connect this to treatments that enhance the mental and emotional health for people who suffer with chronic long term illnesses. Anyways always love to read your blogs. Love and healing thoughts ❤️ Adele

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    1. Thank you and sorry for the late response, we’ve had a lot going on here and I forget to go back on my comments. This was neat project and can’t wait to see the finished edit. I was nervous going into this and hope I get some awareness out there and that getting off the couch and out of your comfort zone can make you feel alive. I find that very important to keep finding purpose no matter the case. I say that now as I’m packing up to head north for a week long canoe trip through some beautiful to reconnect again. 6 weeks has been to long. lol. Cheers!


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