A Glimpse Into My Adventurous Mind

Almost all my posts to date have been impromptu entries where I just sit and the words spill or flow out of me and onto the screen, the out on the internet for everyone to read. That’s been my writing style and I have been told by many people they enjoy the way a tell a story, to which I’m very flattered and kinda surprised. If you were to tell an English teacher way back in my high school days that this is what I enjoy doing now, well they’d laugh out loud and figure someone is lying. I don’t think I was ever as bad at English or school as my grades would show, it was the fact I had no direction and zero direction and therefore just really didn’t care. It took until I was twenty seven to return the education system, adult learning and finish off that one last English credit I needed and not to brag got a 97% in the course. Funny how age and a family can motivate you to achieve your best. This post here will be an entry from what I call my Adventure Journal, so instead of my typical blog you will be here what I think and feel while sitting around a campfire, listening to the woods, the water and loons calling in the background. A different type of story telling comes out, I hope you enjoy

May 4th / 2022 Night 1

It’s early May and the ice is now out, the parking lot down the logging road is virtually empty. My canoe (Joy) slips into the water with ease and I load my gear, I climb in sit and steady myself for a bit just to get my balance, it’s been a long winter. I’m packed and loaded my paddle is raised and with a gentle stroke it breaks the waters surface and propels me forward. After a few strokes that smile returns to my face, the one that appears upon my return to the water. I’m at home here, although after a few hours some pain creeps into my shoulder and elbow, “it’s all good”, I say to myself the pain reminds me I’m still alive and back doing what I love…I feel awake again. Today I have a tailwind and as most canoeist will tell you that’s a rarity, so I enjoy the push of the wind as I travel southwards as odds are tomorrow winds could change and work against me.

As my vessel slips smoothly down the lake I can hear the first set of rapids falling form one lake to another, working against me, that means it’s time for the first portage. It’s tucked away slightly hidden on the west bank on the south end of the river. I stop and make a few casts into the pools at the end of the rapids, where the trout should be in hopes of a shore lunch. After 20 minutes and a few lure changes nothings biting, so on with the travel. My backpack, paddles, dry bag and fishing pole come on the first trip which is relatively short at 350m, after dropping my gear I take the walk back to grab the canoe, hoist it up on my shoulders and complete the walk again, it ‘s early May and I’m sure glad I wore my insulated rubber boots as the mud in some spots reaches mid-boot depth a soaker for sure had I bought my regular hikers.

Into the next lake I go and my stomach starts to rumble, it’s soon time for dinner and to find a site to make home for the night. I head for an island I see on my map, after 30 minutes I’m back on shore, seems to be plenty of wood and a flat spot to make camp and pitch my tent. “Good Enough”, I say to myself. I wanted to push further, but my body has said enough and I become better at listening to that inner voice, not a race buddy, your here for a while just take some time and look at this beauty all around. I have nothing to prove and just here for adventure and always in search of what makes me feel happy, with a sense of purpose and above all else to make life fun.

Beautiful Sunset

So, I sit here as the sun starts to set my belly is full after a delicious dinner cooked over the open fire. It’s about 9:30 pm and I stand on the eats point watching as a beautiful orange and red sunset falls in front of me. I absolutely love this place, it might be cold tonight and lots of hard work, but there’s nowhere else I’d be. One day I know this will come to an end and I take every moment for these memories to sink in. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and do it all again

Cancer won’t Run my Life! Not yet!

Love Steve

If you like these entries mixed in please comment and let me know, just another look at the way I see things and hopefully inspire someone else to as well too. We’re all here only once!

1 thought on “A Glimpse Into My Adventurous Mind

  1. Steve I love your connection to the outdoors and the water. Your writing reflects the joy and happiness you experience as you paddle your way to new wilderness experiences. ❤️

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