It’s Just About That Time of Year

And just like that another week has past by, all my good intentions of putting together multiple posts in one week shattered like the glass I caught my finger on earlier this week leaving a small wound. Oh, well I’ll get to it now and try my best to get March’s visitors and views up, if not they’ll be another month to follow. Today I came out once again from a poetry workshop put on by Well Spring and feel again inspired to write, now I don’t think I’ll include any new poems in this post, but don’t worry their coming. If I have learned anything it’s how expressive one can be when writing a poem, now this isn’t what I remember learning back in the high school days. While in this class the words seem to come easily and the quality of everyones work… well at some points takes my breath away and is so relatable and speaks volumes to those who I attend the class with. Sometimes sharing very raw and real feeling that tug at the heart strings. More on this later, much more, but once again that fear I have talked about putting me into a situation I’d never thought I’d find myself in, poetry class, come on who am I? The answer, simple, someone better than I was a day ago.

Spring Fever equals Camping/Exploring Fever

Ok, on to something else. This time of year you can find me out in the garage staring at and taking inventory of my camping gear. If I’m not there you’ll find me on the floor with maps stretched out, highlighter in hand looking for interesting routes and this year in particular routes less travelled. As a creature of habit I do find myself falling back into heading to places I’m familiar with “safe” spots where I know the land. Now I have spoken of Algonquin Park many times before and probably will again, it is and probably will always be my first trip of the season. A) because the ice out there is usually early May, before bugs and usually decent daytime temps. B) Lake trout, early spring is the best time to get these guys as they remain closer to the surface in the colder water. C) And this one is the is most important the elusive (to me) Brook Trout. This year I have told myself and my family that I’m not coming home from my first trip until catching that fish and it is crossed off my “Life goals List”. Along with those reasons is also the spectacular scenery and the quiet off the grid type of living this guy craves, a chance to be inspired to try some sketching and it’s where writing/journalling come easy, even after a long days paddle. It’s where I can capture some of my favourite photographs and that’s something I’ll put more effort into this year, if only there was an unlimited budget for equipment, but I make use of what I have, the effort makes the content not the equipment. So now of course I’ll have to dig into my archive of pictures and add to this post, because, well…who doesn’t love pictures of the great outdoors and the work that goes into attaining them.

What’s up and coming

I have a little while longer to wait for the season to start, so the equipment will be cleaned, tested and waterproofed, hooks and skills sharpened. Ready for the day when the canoe returns, perched on top of my vehicle ready for the north, west or east. In the meantime life rolls on, tomorrow or by the time this publishes it’s time for my shots/treatment again, so I should have a sore ass by the time you read this. It’s also almost time for the three month blood work test and 24 hour urine collect, but on the flip side in just over a week we’ll be off for Mexico, my first time ever there, so I’m really looking forward to this trip and hope to post more than few times while there.

In other news I’ve been asked to speak at a couple more engagements with maybe more to come, one during a luncheon at the Well Spring centre and the other at the annual CNETS conference in Toronto later in May. Both are very exciting in there own rights, one is introduce myself and my type of cancer to others who also use Well Spring as a place of comfort. The other is to speak in front of my peers and others including Doctors, patients, caregivers who specialize and are affected by Neurodrocrine Cancer. Both deserve their own post and I will dive in deeper at a later date. I think there could be a third engagement, but still have details to hammer out yet, so ya for me that’s pretty exciting. It’s still a weird feeling for me to think that people are interested in my story and I’m humbled by those who read this blog, watch my video and now listen to me speak. It’s certainly strange how a life altering diagnosis can put a positive spin on a life that’s “supposed” to be cut short. 

Navigating some small rapids

Thanks for following along and please consider subscribing, like the post and leave a comment. I’m usually good at getting back in a timely fashion.

Cheers, Steve


7 thoughts on “It’s Just About That Time of Year

  1. I have been following your journey, and am in awe of the strength you have. Hope you catch your trout, and enjoy that holiday to Mexico



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    1. Thanks! and I so very happy you are following along. Mexico is awesome. Blogging right now, Wi-Fi is hit or miss. Yes that trout WILL be caught!!!


  2. karenmedhurst119ac2b3e6 March 23, 2023 — 6:46 pm

    Great blog as usual Steve!

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  3. karenmedhurst119ac2b3e6 March 23, 2023 — 6:47 pm

    Spring is just around the corner.

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  4. karenmedhurst119ac2b3e6 March 23, 2023 — 6:48 pm

    I look to read the blogs about your speaking engagements. Congratulations

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    1. Tracy will record this one or maybe Facebook Live it. you also may be able join the conference via zoom. I’ll know more closer to the date


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