Hearing the call from deep in my soul

It’s 9 o’clock buddy get ready to roll

I sit on the steps, runners staring back at me

I procrastinate about what is to come, but always give in, it’s meant to be

Laces done up tight, as to not stop the momentum

Stepping outside, headphones cover my ears helping set the table for what is to come

I start the timer, hearing the small beep something inside now takes over

One foot in front of the other, I quicken the pace

It blocks out all other thoughts as I get in the zone

Nothing else enters my mind as breathing and focus automatically takes it place

This is a Treatment, a Therapy like absolutely nothing else

After a while I feel my heart rate stabilize, legs feel strong

As the run carries on the focus starts to narrow

Like looking through a telescope, a single purpose, the end in sight

It may seem close, but theres’s still some distance to cover

There’s still plenty of fuel left in this body, even if not I’ve always got will-power

The lights of home come into my view, one last sprint to the finish is all I ask of myself

Strong body, Strong mind can and will defeat Cancer in the end.

Steve Medhurst

I’m not dying from cancer, I’m learning to live with it

That little gem went through my mind as I was out on…you guessed it a run last night. I still often get asked if I’m still running or not my answer is always “yes”, but my routine goes by how my body is doing day, by day. It was the first activity/treatment I turned to after being diagnosed and it works no matter my mood, anger, sadness, excitement, joy or grief, you name it a run cure or heighten any type of emotion. Written in a poem it’s so easy to express how important that is to me and how it truly helps my well-being and also how it could help yours, there’s absolutely no negative that comes out of physical activity. If you take anything away from all my blog I hope it’s that. It makes me feel stronger, sharper, happier and that sense of accomplishment, it can make any task in life feel just that much easier. It brings my heart rate down to 48 bpm while I’m sleeping and enhances the quality of rest I get. Any little pain from soreness or being stiff just reminds me I’m still alive and here to see another day. Almost anyone can start, just a walk down the block or to the store instead of starting the car. You don’t need a gym, outside is the best, I haven’t had a gym membership in probably ten years. Fresh air and comfortable shoes will get you started, at least it did for me. With Spring and Summer right around the corner now is the perfect time, it can also help you prepare for any other summertime activities everyone loves to take part in.

Anyway, that’s my quick little post for today, trying to bring my love of running to you via poetry. Lots more to come, maybe a few from sunny Mexico.

Cheers, Steve. Like, Subscribe and Comment.


4 thoughts on “Run

  1. Stephen I can almost feel the actual emotion of running in your words. I used to train to run 1/2 and full marathons and I miss the “Zone” experience during a good run. Due to heart issues I have not been running in the last 6 years and I admit I miss it. Good for you to find that zen place in your everyday running routine. ❤️

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    1. Thanks! Ya the zone is great. It’s expressed well in poetry and even blogging here some of the good posts, I feel I’m zoned it while writing, meditating helps.

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  2. You are a true inspiration!

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    1. After what you just went through..I believe you’re the inspiration. Hopefully we have a chance to get together for dinner at the conference.


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