Gotta Go… Isla Mujeres

This was one of the more touristy destinations I wanted to visit for sure while staying in Cancun and the very close proximity to our loft helped make it an easy decision to go check it out. We only had about a twenty five minute walk down to Puerto Juarez to where we could catch the ferry across. Ultramar ferry service is the main service from this area, so we hopped on it for a cost of $30 USD/person, round trip and it’s a twenty minute ride across the beautiful turquoise sea to dock at the North part of the island. Once off the ferry your greeted by local vendors trying to sell their souvenirs, it’s also where you can find golf carts to rent for I believe $100/day.

Before going to the Island I did a little bit of research to read up on some of the history, as I like to be somewhat knowledgeable about where I’m tripping to. The Isla Mujeres means the Island of Women and while on the island you’ll find monuments that gives you a sense of this. I never claim ever to be perfect on my history, but when the Spanish first came over to the Caribbean and stumbled on this small island measuring only about 7 kilometres long by only only half a kilometre wide the only inhabits were women and small children, hence the name. Only later did the explores find out that men and older boys would leave for extended periods of time at sea to fish and gather other important foods necessary for survival. So, there’s a small bit of history for ya, hope I’m somewhat right. Some of that came from a local, so…

The island is home to stunning beaches, unique rock formations, great seafood cuisine and friendly locals. Now I said golf cart rentals are available, but we chose to walk and stayed mainly near the north end of the island. Of all the beaches there the north beach stands out from the rest, clear blue water that I could walk out for seemed to be a mile and still the water was just above my knees. A local bartender told us that beach was voted as the most beautiful in the Mexican Caribbean and it showed, while at the beach we were surprised that it honestly wasn’t that busy, maybe a local secret?

Costs on the Island were slightly higher than the mainland, but not as bad as I would have expected. We found a nice place to eat (and there’s many) and after a great seafood dinner ventured down some inland streets, all with music playing and a great vibe. We stopped at a pub with some swing seats at the bar for a “quick” drink and a photo op. Well after making small talk with the bartender a drink turned into a couple hours and listening to his stories about the island that were very interesting, he was born on the island. I think I also talked him into one day visiting Canada, in the summer of course. Getting close to 11 p.m. and the last ferry leaving at midnight, we settled up what was to be our biggest bar tab of the trip. The one thing I never really got used to is the certain freedoms they have down there, as pretty much everywhere we went people would be walking around with open beers. Whether it’d be waiting in line for the ferry or just sitting lazily under a tree or carrying a whole cooler out onto the beach, something we could never get away with in public places back here at home.

We sat up on the top deck for the ride home and enjoyed the cool sea breeze under a star lit night, with the lights from the hustle and bustle of a busy city in the distance, it was perfect. Exiting the ferry we made the twenty minute walk back to the loft and once again the rumours of Mexico being dangerous after dark seemed to be just that, rumours. Passing countless locals most with a friendly smile and a “Hola” we never once felt uneasy. Now that’s not to say you shouldn’t be aware of your surroundings and travelling in groups is a good idea, but that can be said of any bigger city, even back here in Canada now.

If visiting Cancun be sure to put a trip to the Isla Mujeres on the to do list, or even stay a night or two. It’s well worth it. Cheers, Steve. Please leave a comment, like and subscribe to the blog. It’s simple to so and helps me grow this site. Adios for now.


3 thoughts on “Gotta Go… Isla Mujeres

  1. Wow, it sure sounds like you had a wonderful time and experience. Reading this entry makes me want to go away! Thanks for sharing, and great pictures!

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  2. It sounds like you are having an awesome vacation. I may have to go to Mexico. Stay safe



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    1. Hi there, thanks for reading and yes you definitely should go. At no time did Tracy and I ever feel at risk and we enjoyed every minute. It’s just about being aware, but that can be said about any city of size nowadays no matter where on this planet you travel.


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