Mayan Ruins….El Meco

With only a few days left in our trip, I wanted to be sure to see some Mayan ruins before we had to head out. The one thing that worried me about taking an excursion that I bought down there was being scammed. Although I have nothing but love for my time we had there, with the sheer amount of companies bombarding me with tour destinations and cheap costs and a lot were on the side of the street uptown. Even online reading reviews you’re just never sure what your in for, so it was just by chance Tracy and I ate at a restaurant just down the street that our waiter told us about a ruin site that was only a couple of kilometres down the road. “Sweet” I thought and not very busy for what he told us, was perfect. While he was right about the number of people, it ended up being over an hour walk on another scorcher of a day. Once we arrived though, it was well worth the trip. Now instead of explain it what I’ve done for this post and probably more to come is put together a short video to help capture the beauty of this place and to add a new element to the blog. As I close in on one hundred posts, something a little different will be fun. I think the video turned out good and be nice I did edit this, but it’s a learning process, so I hope everyone enjoys it.

Tour of El Meco

What’s Happening Here

Now that we’ve been back home for about a week and falling back into real life, the first thing I deal with is??? You guessed it a Doctors appointment, on Thursday right after I’m back. It’s a three month follow up with just the basic blood work and urine test and both came back with the markers relatively close as to where they were three months ago. So, some good news upon return reality. Funny thing is I had more stomach issues for the first three to four days retuning to Canada, in Mexico the one big thing I was worried about was the gut issue and lucky everything went well as I was not to keen on visiting to many public bathrooms down there, beautiful place, bathrooms, not so much. So if you plan on visiting Mexico and I recommend you do, if you have a disease that plays havoc with your insides, there’s a tip for ya, go before you leave the room, loft, house or whatever. The food though, real Mexican food was so delicious.

I’ve also joined the Relay for Life committee here in the Stratford, the event is June 10th at the old Central High School, boooo. I was a Northwestern guy, but I guess I have to let this one slide. I have done the relay before, but only when it was virtual. This year the fund raising is just about to start and I have entered as a team this year, so any donation to team MEDHURST would be greatly appreciated. If I get past the $2,500 mark then I can control where those funds are sent within the cancer community. I will share much more on this in my upcoming posts, along with some other events I’ve been asked to participate in and hope to share links for everyone to join and follow along. Thanks for reading/watching, subscribe, like, vote and leave me a comment. Did you like the addition of a video? I’d love some feedback. Cheers, Steve


5 thoughts on “Mayan Ruins….El Meco

  1. Great video (and pictures). Thanks for sharing.
    Glad you made it home and got some good news at your appointment.
    Looking forward to your next adventurous video!

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    1. Thanks Vanessa, it was a great time and yes plans are already made. More of my plans though. lol. Camping is open!


  2. test

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  3. Hi! Just testing to see if I can leave a comment using my phone instead of my laptop. WordPress is trying to resolve the issue that I ‘ve been having.

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    1. Awesome. I did get your message and thanks very much. It is awesome to travel through Mexico like that. We will definitely be going back. Cheers


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