This was an Easy Answer!

Daily writing prompt
Have you ever been camping?

Pretty funny that this came up as the daily writing prompt, as I have spent the last few days meticulously going through all my camping gear, re-spooling my fishing rod and checking the weather and my maps. Camp season, backcountry camping season spefically starts on Thursday and after a seemingly long and dreary winter and spring (so far) my spirits are lifting. There’s nothing like the glide of the paddle through a calm lake, or running a set of rapids to feel alive, then to arrive at a wilderness campsite with the only belongings you were able to carry in.

The smell of clean, crisp air and the slight ripple of waves running to shore the peacefulness is like nothing you’ll ever experience unless you’re here. With a fire roaring to keep of the evening chill, sitting back in my chair is a clear night and sky like you’ll never witness from anywhere else. Completely dark the stars come to life and the number of them is staggering, if we’re lucky enough the Milky Way will come to life as well. It’s breathtaking, beautiful and stunning.

Some of you may be nervous or anxious about giving this a try and rightfully so it can be dangerous, hard work and being caught in the rain and wind is not high up there on peoples to do list. For me though the anxiety lies in the waiting game, once in that canoe my senses dance and come to life. The struggle and pain that sometimes comes with this chosen lifestyle reminds me I’m still alive and able to do most of what I love for the time being.

This years first trip is to a familiar park, Algonquin, although to a different section as a friend and I go in search of the elusive (to me) brook trout, along with the hopes of other wildlife spotting, moose, bear and/or wolves. We have done this many times now, but every adventure the anticipation hits me like a five year old waking early Christmas morning to open those gifts from Santa.

My canoe pack is full, packed neatly, the camera gear is charging and I check to make sure it’s all functioning well. I don’t have the latest and greatest of everything, but what I have is a drive to capture these beautiful sights as best I can. In hopes to share them to everyone who follows along on my journey. Maybe inspiring or just showing someone that almost anyone can enjoy this and should try at least once. With a disease like Cancer always at the forefront of my life, this is how I truly heal, find peace and a little meaning. Giving me more of an identity, other than a Cancer patient. Finding inspiration myself in my pictures, writing and the content I can find when living with the minimum, it’s liberating and stress free…unless I get lost! LOL

Until I get home you’ll have to put up with some older pictures, I can’t leave a post without some photos. You may have seen a few before, so sorry. Like, comment, subscribe and vote, help a guy out getting his blog noticed. Cheers, Steve


5 thoughts on “This was an Easy Answer!

  1. Janey Bundscho May 2, 2023 — 4:54 pm


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  2. You describe it perfectly, I can almost smell the wood burning and feel the crisp air. For us, cottage season is starting which is a exciting time. Wishing you safe travels, hoping you find a brook trout or two!

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  3. Nicely written.

    The water is cold. And so are the nights. Enjoy.


    Terry Cully
    Associate Director
    Stakeholder Relations
    Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals Canada

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    1. Thanks Terry, the water’s cold so the trout are shallow. I will be up the following week for a 7 day solo trip. Maybe we could meet up?


      1. Yes let me know when you are finished your trip (date) and I can be sure to be up north.

        If you are in Algonquin, I’m just down HWY 35 near Dorset.

        Cheers, Terry

        Terry Cully

        Associate Director, Stakeholder Relations Oncology

        +1 647-237-9526 (mobile)

        Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals Canada Inc. 5050 Satellite Drive, Suite 500 Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 5A1 CANADA

        http://www.ipsen.ca http://www.ipsen.com

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