CNETS and RELAY, join in

After a little more than two years I started this blog as a way to explain my life now and express myself in a way I never thought or dreamed I’d ever do. Along with three years of now dealing with a rare type of Cancer I find myself now writing post number 99. This will be a quick and short post, I returned from my first Spring camping/fishing trip only a couple days ago and will do a quick turnaround and head back for a week in a day. So, I guess I accomplished my goal of catching that elusive brook trout. Although I’m not sure it counts based that it was only about 7-8″ long, but size doesn’t matter…right? I’ve heard that before somewhere? Anyway much more on my travels in upcoming posts.

Going to the CNETS Conference

I want to make my readers aware of two important upcoming events for me and for many people affected by cancer, which is basically half the worlds population, crazy eh? The first is at the end of May and is the yearly CNETS conference in Toronto, this will be the first time I will be able to attend a live event as the last three were virtual due to covid. It is two days packed full of seminars and speakers, related to Neuroendocrine cancer and I look forward to meeting many of members I have only talked to via zoom. Also to learn more about my disease and the latest on treatment options, so I’m able to use that as a support group co-leader to help and comfort others as best I can. I also have the honour go being one of the patient speakers on Sunday able to tell my story, the ups and downs, the way cancer has affected me both negatively, but also weirdly in a positive way. A new appreciation for life is the best way to say it I guess. Good news for anyone who would like to see me and others speak or also if you’re just interested in what I’m always talking about and hear first hand from doctors and other specialists the conference is a hybrid model and anyone can register to watch via live stream. If you’re interested I’ll post a link here. Thanks to all those who register and remember this will be only my second time speaking publicly, I will be going over what I’m going to say while out on my next trip as it’s a solo adventure and there’s nothing like being out amongst the wilderness to find inspiration and write down those feelings and emotions, a great time for reflection, mix in some fishing and canoeing, Life can be so simple, yet so meaningful and beautiful.

Relay For Life

First to all those that have already donated a big thank you, second if you’re looking for a good cause to donate to consider the Relay for Life. My team could use some help so I will leave a link here and help me get to my goal. Being part of the committee this year I also see all the work that goes into putting on an event like this, run solely by volunteers, which we also could use, so if you’re reading this and live in the Stratford area, give it thought. I also have the privilege of being the Luminary speaker this year and walk in the participant of hope lap, it will be a powerful and emotional event, also full fun and lots of prizes and silent auction items to bid on, along with stuff to occupy the kiddos. I’m proud to be a part of this event and I’ll say a little nervous about speaking in front of my hometown. At least I have a warm up two weeks prior.

So I hope to come up with a good post for number 100, the next one. Time head to the backcountry with no distractions and come up with something special. See you all in a week. Cheers, Steve


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