Food for Thought??

When you have Neuroendrocrine Cancer, specifically when your primary is mid-gut one of the worst, annoying and most embarrassing symptoms, without going into to much detail is stomach issues and sometimes it’s so severe you honestly don’t want to leave the house. So when we decided to travel to Mexico and not just stay all inclusive, I was told many times to be mindful off the food and water, fair enough. It was almost to the point that it was in my head that I’d for sure get sick, so long as it wasn’t too bad I figured I’d be able to handle a couple days of discomfort and pray it wouldn’t end up being serious.

A funny thing then happened the entire two weeks we were travelling, not once did I get an upset gut and not only that I felt as though anything I ate sat very well with me and was about as “regular” as I’ve been since learning I had this disease. I don’t know if it was the fresher food, or that after a couple days I was completely relaxed, but not once did I say to Tracy, (in frustration)”I don’t really think I can go to far today”. Let me tell ya, after constantly having fluctuations in the way my stomach behaves to have those two weeks without worry felt and I don’t mean to be dramatic here, “Liberating”. Now I don’t know if it was because at the local places we ate the food was all very fresh, or because seafood was a big part of my diet for that time, the fish markets were very close to us, so most of the dishes included some sort of fish, shrimp, you get the picture. Even tacos that we bought at a convenience store, where the cost was 9 bucks for 5 tacos and a soft drink (unbelievable) didn’t even affect my gut. And the fresh guacamole served at every meal, makes my mouth water just writing about it… I didn’t care much for guac before my trip. I kept a food journal, as best I could and the two commons that jump out at me are fresh and because these were usually very small places we ate at, the care and love put in that food is something you don’t get a whole lot of back here and the addition of seafood and lots of it. My advice to anyone travelling to really anywhere, no matter what you’ve heard about the food or water, don’t always believe it. Now that being said just don’t go drinking water or eating food you’re not comfortable with, I just found out first hand a lot of what we hear is not very accurate, but do your homework.

Now with that being said in the two weeks I have been back home and as soon as I ate my first dinner the day I returned, low and behold I had stomach issues for a couple days. Frustrated, on the third day it was time for my treatment, so I figured that would help calm the storm brewing in my guts and when it didn’t I was not a happy guy. Eventually it has come under control and I feel better again, but what is it with the food? When I’m home I eat a variety of foods, trying to lean toward fresher food, but at the cost that isn’t always an option. Processed foods have become such a staple of a lot of our diets, sometimes it seems to be unavoidable and I believe that it a big part of my problems, along with deep fried foods. I just don’t tolerate it well. It’s not just a problem for someone like me who has cancer in my bowels, but it’s become a big issue for us here in Canada as well as south of our border in the U.S. Processed, high sugar and salt foods have become a bit of an epidemic themselves causing a variety of health issue, which in turn put more stress on an already fragile healthcare system and we all see that in the Great White North. Food and the preparation of healthy food is becoming a lost art, even in Mitchell here now there’s a McDonalds to pump out fast food. Now I’d be a liar to say I haven’t tried it, it’s a small town and that’s big news and it does add jobs and participates in a large amount of charitable events. So long as it’s a once in a while treat and not a lifestyle habit, I see no problem with it. Even having Cancer, putting to many restrictions on my diet does no good for me either and hey I love a Quarter pounder with cheese just as much as anyone, it’s what happens to my guts afterwards lies the problem.

Last Day thoughts

My Food Conclusion

I love to eat and the past three years have at times been a struggle, I also know as time moves along it will become increasingly trickier if and when the Cancer decides to move or grow. I have read a lot over the years about Cancer fighting foods and have tried different diets. From my point of view and I’ve said this before, it’s just very simple MODERATION for me at least seems to be the key. My gut issues are random and any time I look back at what I have eaten to make me sick, at some point that same food had no affect on me. My other conclusion is just because a country is considered “poorer” doesn’t necessarily mean the same to them. Their food was delicious, fresh and healthy, all the people we encountered we happy with what little they had. One main thing I noticed and I’m no expert I didn’t encounter the stress levels down there that we all seem to deal with in our “Developed” nation. We always seemed to be obsessed with the lasted and greatest no matter the cost. A little more living and thanks for what we already have and less worrying about what we think we need would go a long way, especially in our physical and mental health, which seems to be getting close to a breaking point.

Relay for Life

Ok, so a quick blurb on the Stratford relay for life, I’m a committee member this year, the date is June 10th. As it quickly approaches I need your help with donations so click here if you can help me and my team out. The money goes towards treatment, support and many other resources those living with and have been affected by cancer need. So come down that day register and walk in memory of someone fighting cancer or has lost their battle. It will be the first time I’ve been to a live event and I believe I will speaking on behalf of the survivors, so come on down make a bid on the silent auction items, meet some incredible people and yes, probably shed a few tears. I be writing more on this and giving updates as they come. I also have another speaking engagement coming up in late May, so stay tuned for that and I’ll share a link so if you want, it will be available via zoom I believe.

One last thing tripping/canoe camping season is underway and I will be out of here for a short trip 4 days next week. So be prepared for some beautiful scenery, reflections on life and great adventure. Something we all need. Cheers, Steve. As always please consider Subscribing, like, comment and rate this post. Gotta get that add revenue…lol

If you’re new to this blog consider going back to the beginning and check out my story, my main goal of this is to help, inspire and show people, life can still be fulfilling even living with Stage 4 cancer.


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    1. Thanks, I’m assuming great post???


  1. Great blog post.
    Safe travels canoeing! I can’t wait to see some pictures.

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    1. I’ll be talking to you Tuesday before I go


  2. All these great pictures have made me hungry! 🙂

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    1. All great food. But the guacamole was on different level no matter the restaurant


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